Here for Good

Beginning in 2014, we were invited to create portraits of the individual accomplishments of several outstanding students and professors in the Laureate International Universities network - the world’s largest B-Corporation.

2014 - Mexico City, Mexico
2015 - Johannesburg, South Africa
2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017 - Recife, Brazil
2018 - Guadalajara, Mexico

Finding a story in 5 days.

Each year of this project, a small crew of 2-3 filmmakers ventured into extremely remote places around the globe to document the ins and outs of 5 hyper-local social impact projects.

Given an extremely tight deadline of 3-4 weeks from inception to delivery, our team was tasked with discovering the narrative as we were shooting.

At the end of each trip we asked ourselves – how do you tell the story of the unique challenges of a particular mission, the power of education to inspire and advocate, keep an audience emotionally invested and weave in a corporate message at the same time?

“Make me cry.” - Client brief

Fortunately for us, the individual at the center of each of these stories is a true paragon in their community. To achieve our client’s request for emotion above all else, we edited each film with room for the narrative to breath with verité moments. We also made sure we didn’t steer too far from the heart of the story by weaving in only the most authentically related parts of the university message.

In three of the five projects, we were required to work in another language and managed to faithfully tell the story in both Spanish and Portuguese with the help of our editor/translator - Alex Moratto.

In the end we created something that would work for all parties – explaining the work, showing the human side of an education system without overselling the university itself, and finally inspiring an audience to imagine a life in service of something greater.