3 Home Movies

“Elevated Home Movies” that demonstrate how each vacation is as unique as the family who takes it.
Editorial Approach: Embrace the errors, find the magic moments

In a home movie the camera doesn’t always capture what you plan or even what you tell your friends later. It captures the in-between moments where - more often than not - real connection happens.

We pulled the story together with these bits and pieces rather than focusing on major events and embraced the errors – the camera drops, the digital flares, everything that made it real.

Responding to the Airbnb directive to avoid heavy branding, we rejected a typical tour-guide approach and didn’t overly feature the house. Instead we chose more intimate shots that showed how the house is an extension of the family.

Creating a home movie aesthetic with 8 different visual sources
Documentaries are typically edit-heavy but this project required a unique approach as we were working with more footage and sources than usual. The added time needed to organize the project paid off when we were able to assemble an authentic handmade aesthetic.
Real voices = Real engagement
We mined the interviews with each family for their most personal anecdotes and pulled moments from the verité footage in which they were engaging most authentically as a family. As a result, the audience was able to feel a real connection to the subjects. The campaign used modular deliverables across a wide social platform which lead to quality engagement with minimal branding.