Jon Lowenstein

A Voice in the Woods

Commissioned story for Channel 4 UK (August 2020)

“They will kill us and blame us for our own deaths, they will torture us and blame us for our own pain, and if either way we die, at least I’m determined that I’m not going to die silently.”

July 4th, 2020 - Vauhxx Booker (named after the Latin word for “voice”) was singled out and accosted by a group of intoxicated White men flaunting Confederate flags. When he attempted to resolve the conflict through words, he was assaulted, detained and threatened with death.

This film recounts the events of the day from multiple perspectives, told by Vauhxx and the fellow campers who recorded the incident with their phones.

As America faces rising acts of terror from White supremacists throughout the country, the news often focuses on the pathology of the perpetrators, but rarely do we identify how these violent acts affect victims in their long recovery and search for justice.

The soul of America depends upon the collective voice of resistance, and our film asks - how do we protect this voice in the woods?

(This film is an excerpt of a longer film in production, set to be completed in 2021.)

**And a warning, some viewers may find some of the language used in this report disturbing.